Why We Love It In Henderson

Published on 7/30/2023

Why We're Loving It In Henderson!

1. The People

All of our customers we interact with at My Storage Henderson are just great people. When you’re a business, your customers are everything. We wouldn’t be running without the great support from the people of Henderson, and we’ve been fortunate to be able to expand recently with more units.

2. The Location

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and so are our storage units. There’s plenty of space at My Storage Henderson. Henderson has all that small town charm deep in the heart of Texas oil country.

3. Henderson Lion Athletics

Go Lions! The football season starts with Liberty-Eylau in August!

4. The Business Camraderie

There’s over 300 businesses in Henderson which for a small town, is pretty crazy to think about. We’re working with several of the businesses listed here to help with promoting eachother, and that’s just what it’s all about if you’re a business owner. We all want eachother to grow and succeed. 

5. The Events

With events like the Heritage Syrup Festival, Day on Main, and Marti Gras, there's plenty to love about events in Henderson. 

The Freedom Festival, Antique Tractor Show, and Wildflower Tour are great ways to interact with others and get out there.

6. Great Lakes Land Holdings and our Manufacturing Facility

Did you know all of our storage units are built right here in the United States? At My Storage Great Lakes, we take pride in the fact that each storage unit is built by hand at one of our three manufacturing facilities, Lowell, MI,  Decatur, AL and Bismarck, ND! All of the storage units at My Storage Henderson come from our Lowell manufacturing facility. We manufacture two sizes of steel storage units to be delivered to your place of business; an 8’ x 12.5’, and a 10’ x 16.5’. These attractive steel storage buildings are built to last with welded framing consisting of 11 & 14 gauge structural steel, 26 gauge metal siding/roof with a 40-year silicone polyester paint. For orders of 35 or more ask about color matching your existing units.

7. Downtown

There are 26 historical markers in Henderson, can you hit them all?

Be sure to stop by the The Rusk County Veterans Monument was made to honor all the veterans, Past and Present, that have served from Rusk County, TX. The veterans that have passed away and the ones that are still living will be honored.

8. The Food

When you think of Texas, you know you’re going to get some great barbeque. There’s no denying that Henderson has that!

Bob’s Bar-B-Cue and Bodacious Barbecue are two great local BBQ joints.

If you’re craving Italian, head over to Sal’s. Yamato Sushi Steak House of Henderson.

9. Outdoor Activities

Our employees loves the outdoors, and Henderson has plenty of great spots.

10. My Storage Henderson - A Convenient Storage Solution

We built My Storage Henderson right next to our manufacturing facility on Grand River Drive just south of downtown. Close enough for a quick drive, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle. A secure place to put your belongings, with easy 24/7 access is everything you could ever ask in a storage unit. If you ever need storage, contact us today!